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Lease Option Program

Rent While You Become An Owner

We Can Help

How Our Program Works

How Do You Qualify

Are you dreaming of owning your home so that you can build equity for yourself instead of your landlord? Have you been denied a traditional mortgage due to:


  • Bad Credit

  • No Credit

  • Self-Employed

  • New Immigrant

  • Short On The Down Payment

  • Divorce

  • Foreclosure


We will help you find the perfect home for you and your family. While you live there, our program helps you grow your down payment and correct your credit situation to help you qualify for the mortgage at the end of the term.

Our Lease Option Program is designed to help you purchase your own home that fits your needs and your financial situation to set you up for success. That is why the first step is an assessment with our credit team who will evaluate your situation and develop a plan to repair your credit. You will then be assigned to a realtor that will help you find a home in the price range determine by the mortgage broker and that meets your needs. We will acquire the home of your choice that will be leased to you in the interim. Our program also includes a savings growth plan that will convert into you down payment to help you qualify for your own mortgage at the end of the lease option.


  • You pick the home of your choice

  • We ensure you are matched with a home you can financially afford

  • You have the ongoing help and support of an expert mortgage broker to help fix your credit

  • Any care and attention to the house or yard/garden is on a property that you will own

  • Our program is pet friendly

We take our qualification process seriously because at the end of the program we want you to purchase your home and achieve home ownership.


Here is what you will need:


  • Income: We make sure that your future mortgage payment can be supported by your income. Our mortgage broker will need you to provide proof of income.

  • Option Consideration: Our program is designed to accumulate option consideration that will be converted into your down payment when you purchase your new home. A portion of will be required at the beginning of the program. The larger the initial option consideration to more affordable we can keep the monthly payments. Due to recent changes with mortgages rules and CMHC, we aim to prepare you to have 10% down at the end of the lease option.

  • Credit Solution: A mortgage broker will evaluate your current credit situation to create a custom credit fix plan for you. The more details she has on your situation the more successful the plan will be for you We recommend you pull your own credit report prior to meeting with the mortgage broker.

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