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Meet The Team

We surround ourselves with the best, so that we can offer the best.

Melanie Barr

Real Estate Investment Expert

Melanie created "The R.O.I. Solution" following the extensive knowledge she acquired from the best educational company in the country, such as Tigrent Education Canada, Industry Rockstar, Investor Cashflow Club, and others.

O: 403-888-7480​ | T: 877-366-3487

F: 587-317-7470

Linda Rausch

Right Broker - Right Mortgage
Team Leader - Sr. Mortgage Associate
The Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada

Beginning with a very successful 20+ year career working with Canada’s largest banks (RBC, CIBC, Scotiabank), followed by a rewarding 13+ years with some of Calgary’s finest home builders, Linda Rausch brings an abundance of financial and construction knowledge and expertise to our team. Mortgages large or small, residential or commercial, personal purchases or investment properties (including lease options and tenant-buyer strategies)…she has the tools and contacts to make the difference.

Tyler Suchan

Realtor - Edmonton & Area

O: 780-660-0000 | M: 780-945-1318

F: 780-401-3463

Tyler is an award winning realtor who is trained in lease option strategy.

O: 403-343-3020 | M: 403-597-0284

F: 403-340-3085

Cindy Dooley

Realtor - Red Deer & Area

Not only is Cindy a realtor, she also has over 10 years experience in the real estate industry and she is also a trained investor specialized in lease option.

Julie Ross

Mortgage Broker - Dominion Lending Alberta

O: 403-343-1125 | M: 403-352-1779

F: 403-343-1126

Nina McNamara

Mortgage Broker - Alberta

Nina is a mortgage broker who specializes in lease option.

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