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Referral Program

Get Rewarded For Helping The People You Know Get The Solution They Need

For The People You Know


Do you know a deserving family hoping to own a home but do not yet qualify for a mortgage? Do you have a friend who needs to sell a property but there is no equity? Or a tired landlord wanting out of the real estate business?


We can help them, and we have a great referral program in place for you, if you can help us connect with them.

For The Realtors

Have you ever had a deal fall apart because the potential buyer could not get the mortgage either due to their credit situation or not enough down payment? Or you had to turn away the business because the potential buyers could not get pre-qualified? We can save your deal by purchasing the property from you until the tenant-buyer can qualify.

For The Mortgage Broker

As a mortgage broker you have access to a lot of different product to help your clients buy their home. But with the recent changes with the lending institution and CMHC qualifying for a mortgage is becoming more challenging. We can help you clients who do not qualify for a traditional mortgage and you can get two mortgage for one property.

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