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Perfect Tenant Program

Selling Your House While Getting The Benefits Of Being A Landlord Without Any Of The Hassles

How Our Program Works

Q & A

It is our goal to ensure the process of selling your house through a lease option is a smooth and easy one for you. We strive to achieve a win-win-win situation.


You, the seller of the house, win by receiving the assurance of knowing that while your house is being sold, all expenses are taken care of, the house is maintained, and you are receiving the benefits associates with being a landlord with none of the management responsibilities.


Our tenant-buyer wins by getting to own a home in a shorter amount of time than it would take them if they were trying to buy conventionally, as well as being able to immediately occupy their new home.


We win by profiting from the sale of the house, as well as gaining two more satisfied customers. We use our expertise in real estate transaction to assist homebuyers and sellers in making the sale or purchase of their hame an easy, stress-free one.

What are the benefits of selling by lease option?


Price - Convenience - Security: Since we do not charge a fee or commission, we pay down your mortgage, and we cover the expenses associated to the property; you end up getting more value for your house, even if it is currently in a negative equity situation. We only deal with high quality tenant-buyers who are seeking to buy, not just rent a house.


You are also relieved of having to pay double mortgage payments in the event that you have to move before you are able to get a buyer for your house.


How long does the lease option take?


Typically, a lease option takes from one to three years, depending on the tenant-buyer. Of course the longer the program, the more your mortgage gets paid down resulting in more equity for you.


Why not sell myself?


This, of course, is a viable option to you, but you will be responsible for the monthly payments, repairs, and maintenance during the selling period. You will need to find a qualified buyer, wait for them to be approved, and hope they do not pull out of the deal, making you start the whole process again.


An other option would be to use the expertise of a realtor for the cost of a portion of your equity. If you do not have neough equity in the property this will not be an option to you.


Why not rent until it sells?


Unlike a tenant-buyer, a renter will not view your house as their home and will therefore not treat it as such. Renting during the selling process creates new difficulty that would-be landlords often overlook; especially when you are trying to show the home and sell sell while renters are living there.


Why not find my own tenant-buyer?


Our qualified team of professionals carefully pre-screen all tenant-buyers to ensure that they want to buy a house and will be able to do so in the future. They also continue offering support through out the program until the tenant-buyer have purchased their home.


All the contracts used in this process have been carefully drafted by lawyers specialized in lease option.

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